About us

Who we are

The managing partners and employees have successful expertise for decades in the operative responsibility for large companies in the healthcare business as well as industry, clinics, hospital chains and centers of medical care. We have an established network in the healthcare sector, industry and with institutional decision-makers.

our experts

Dr. Thomas Wolfram

  • Specialist in surgery / trauma surgery, graduate health economist, MBA in public health
  • Consultant for municipal, non-profit, and public institutions and university hospitals
  • Member of various advisory boards
  • Expert in consolidation and performance enhancement
  • Experience in management and overall responsibility for clinics and national and international clinic associations
  • Extensive experience in the operational and strategic responsibility of clinics, clinic associations and the management of company investments

Karl Wenkel

  • Degree in economics, Technical salesman
  • Expert in reorganization, restructuring and process optimization
  • Experience in management and overall responsibility for medical care centers and large companies
  • Extensive experience in setting up companies and the successful establishment of companies on the market